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A Life in Letters: Correspondence, 1929-1991

A Life in Letters: Correspondence, 1929-1991 - Norah K. Barr, Patrick Moran All of Ms. Fisher's writing resonates with me in a fundamental way. I love reading her essays on life and love and food because so many of her values are my own.

Reading her letters, on the other hand, was a completely different experience. It was so much more personal, though she was a personal writer in her published works, but in a different, more opaque way. I felt inspired and embarrassed that her correspondence, some of it very casual indeed, was so beautifully written. It makes me wish that my slap-dash emails were more substantial and descriptive.

On a more concrete level, I also enjoyed learning a bit more about her life and the general happenings and sequence of events. I was fascinated, for instance, to learn that as a mature woman in the 1960s (I believe), she lived in Alabama for some time, teaching at a school for African Americans.

For fans of MFK Fisher, this collection is a gold mine.