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Agatha Christie: A Biography

Agatha Christie: A Biography - Janet Morgan A medium-informative book about the great Mrs. Christie. The author slightly over-does the constant links between Christie's body of work and her own life. She (the author) constantly alludes to a house, a person, a scene from Christie's personal experience that makes an appearance in one of Christie's books. While this is informative in cases like Murder on the Orient Express and Christie's own experiences riding that train, it seems overdone in this biography.

Another mystifying feature of this biography is that it lacks even a rudimentary bibliography of Agatha Christie's works. I found myself wanting to know the dates of a couple of her novels, looked in the back for a bibliography, and was frustrated to discover that none was included.

I'm looking forward to reading the 2007 biography of Christie by Laura Thompson. Perhaps it will be both more complete and more scholarly.