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Appetite for Life: The Biography of Julia Child

Appetite for Life: The Biography of Julia Child - Noël Riley Fitch Like most biography, I enjoyed this book more for its topic than for its writing and delivery. I really love the story of Julia Child's life, so I waded the sometimes-plodding prose to get at the details of her life in France, her marriage, her relationship with her family, her rise to fame, and her passion for food.

Her life inspires mine in so many ways, and this book definitely let me in on details that contributed to my heroine-worship.

I previously read her autobiography (My Life in France), which, as the title suggests, only covers the years of her life spent in France. My Life in France sparkled with Julia's wit and funny turns of phrase, but Appetite for Life fell prey to the usual trouble with biography: too much recitation of facts. I'm not sure of the remedy, but for a person with as much pizazz and life as Julia had, it seems a shame that her biography isn't as sparkling as she was.