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Burn - Nevada Barr I didn't like this one as much as I've liked other Anna Pigeon mysteries. In this book, Anna Pigeon is taking a leave of absence from her job, staying in New Orleans. Typically, she stumbles across a mystery while trying to take it easy.

I thought that, while Anna as a character continues to grow and change, this story kind of stagnated. The other characters were kind of cardboard, not much behind them.

My biggest complaint, however, is the setting, which is what draws me to the other Pigeon mysteries. The beautiful, weird, wild, or otherwise vivid character of each of the other Pigeon settings is what I love the most. Whether it's Ellis Island in New York City or Isle Royale, each novel's setting is as big a part of the book as the story itself.

But in this book, New Orleans is reduced to two things: child prostitution and voodoo. I live near New Orleans, have been there many times, and I have to say that it's annoying whenever a TV show, movie, or book uses voodoo as the one thing to make New Orleans unique. Maybe people in NOLA are into voodoo, who knows? But as a literary device, I find it kind of cheap, essentializing one facet of the urban landscape.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to Anna's next adventure, but I hope she ventures beyond New Orleans into the rest of Louisiana, which has just as much fodder for weirdness as NOLA!